I need better comebacks


Today a guy came up to me as I was preparing to exit the metro and get onto my bike and said, “What part Asian are you?”

I said, “Excuse me?”

He said, “You’re Asian, right? What part of you is Asian?” This has happened to me so many times before (though this was probably the first time the person dropped the “Hi, come here often” preamble and just went right into it) and so many times I’ve either been left going “uhhh” or been dragged into an epic conversation about the kind, efficient subservience of the Japanese, so I knew I needed a comeback, fast.

“What part of me is Asian? All parts,” I said. It was the first thing I could think of. “Why, are you?” I continued, even though it was fairly clear that he wasn’t, or at least not directly. (That, by the way, was part 2 of my comeback.)

And he went into something about how “Asian chicks really get my blood going” and asked if I’d ever watched Naruto. I told him I hadn’t, and got out of there as fast as possible.

I really hate that strangers hitting on me with “I like your face, what is your ethnic background” is a Thing I Just Have to Deal With for the Rest of my Life. Whenever I share stories like this I get told that I’m “being oversensitive”, that the other person is “just trying to be friendly” and start a conversation, and even that if I don’t like answering questions like that to strangers, it means I’m not proud of my heritage. And I know that I, personally, have often wanted to start a conversation with the only other Asian-looking person at a party by bringing up the thing we have in common besides being at the same party. (I never have, because I don’t want to be a big ol’ hypocrite.) But I can’t help but find it irritating. Maybe I’m vain, but I want to be found attractive because I look uniquely pretty or have charisma or seem smart, not because I had a Chinese dad and a Korean mom and that gets someone’s blood going.

One thing’s for sure: I need better comebacks. Suggestions?

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    "and asked if I’d ever watched Naruto.” i cant omg maddie who is this guy i will beat him up and defend our han dynasty...
  2. onlyimage answered: this happens to me constantly, although most people seem to think i’m hispanic bc if you don’t look japanese, then you’re not really asian
  3. beautravail answered: "Oh, I’m from Formosa. Like my interest in you, it no longer exists."
  4. neopreneskin answered: say your dick is asian.
  5. cureforbedbugs answered: Gross. Maybe “all the parts of me you want most are Asian, but unfortunately they are foreign and therefore inaccessible to you”?
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  7. lolabc answered: You could tell them “Yeah, asian girls turn me on too! Actually my fat asian life partner and I were just on the phone, sorry I gotta go.”
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